Chance the Rapper is the best, here is why
  1. 2016 Sucked, Chance however spent 2016 as a beacon of hope and positivity that I needed to get through each day
  2. Coloring Book is my favorite album of all time
    It's soooooooo good
  3. Acid Rap is my second favorite album of all time
    There are no bad songs
  4. Chance is independent. He is in control of his own music and distribution and that's really cool
  5. Chance released Merry Christmas Lil Mama and it's my favorite Christmas music
  6. Chance first knew he wanted to be a rapper when he was a kid, then he chased his dream.
  7. Most of Chance's features on his albums are people he grew up with or befriended when he first started rapping
    Noname, Vic Mensa, Saba, Towkio, BJ the Chicago Kid, etc.
  8. Chance has performed twice on SNL, he is the first independent artist to be the musical guest
  9. Chance is one of the first gospel rappers or artists to get into the mainstream
    No one else is as gospel as him
  10. Chance got a children's choir to join in on All We Got
    The Chicago Children's Choir
  11. Sunday Candy is one of my favorite songs ever
    It's a duet and a tribute to his Grandmother, it's poetic and fast-paced and so well-done
  12. Chance concerts are done like church services, and he "preaches"
  13. His beats are so smooth
  14. His lyrics have so many hidden lyrics that after listening to Coloring Book 50+ times I'm still finding references
  15. Chance makes energetic music and slow somber music and idk I love it so much
  16. Chance works a lot with Nico Segal (formerly Donnie Trumpet) who plays a mean trumpet
  17. Surf is so well-produced and instrumental but Chance makes you think too
  18. Chance's verse on Ultralight Beam is the best part of TLOP
  19. Chance idolized Kanye as a kid and now they're friends that have worked together
  20. There are rumors around a Kanye-Chance album or a Childish-Chance album, either of which would be amazing
  21. Chance wears awesome shoes
    Seriously cool shoe game
  22. The Chance 3 hats are so symbolic and simple that I can't help but wear it all the time
  23. Chance did a Kit-Kat commercial cause he liked the jingle (and they paid him of course)
  24. 3 Grammys......THREE
    He beat out Drake, Kanye, Anderson .Paak, and Schoolboy Q to win 3 Grammys
  25. Chance asks his followers on social media for advice on which song to perform next
  26. Chance doesn't care what people think, he's just spreading positivity and God's word no matter the criticism
  27. "All you need is happy thoughts"
  28. Chance's music is very religious and I love the soul that goes into each rap song
  29. Chance is a White Sox fan, he helped redesign their logo and apparel and got people to buy it because he was such a fan
  30. Chance is a bulls fan and in a halftime show he came out and played dodgeball against mascots
  31. His lyrics are so well-thought out and perfectly timed that he'll probably be responsible for my senior quote
  32. Chance is only 23, he is at the top of his game and has plenty of experience, and he's still only 23
  33. Chance's daughter (Kensli) is the cutest little girl I have ever seen
  34. Chance sang Dear Theodosia on the Hamilton Mixtape
    As if he hadn't done enough in 2016
  35. Chance is a huge supporter of Obama and has known him since he was a young child. His dad worked in Obamas campaign
  36. Chance is very anti-Trump but still spreads positivity
  37. Chance led a parade of hundreds of people to the polls on Election Day
  38. The Golden State Warriors were in town so one day Chance just decided to take 20 of his friends as well as the entire Golden State Warriors team and rented out a trampoline place
  39. When Chance got to meet Stephen Curry at the Espys, they did the Jone BBQ and Foot Massage
  40. Chance sang the tribute to Muhammad Ali at the Espys and it was amazing
  41. The fact that I'm going to see Chance in June and I'm just so excited about it
  42. Chance performed Blessings (2) on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
    Probably the best performance I've ever seen
  43. Chance is working on his first "album", and I'm pretty sure I'm going to leave it on repeat for at least a month when it comes out
  44. He has one tattoo, and it's a backwards tattoo above his heart that says "Get back to work". That way when he finally finishes a day and takes his shirt off, his reflection immediately reminds him that there's more work to be done and to never stop working
    I'm personally against tattoos, but I think this is kind of a cool idea
  45. Chance just donated 1,000,000 dollars to public schools of inner-city Chicago
    He is too good for this world
  46. Chance started at open-mic nights in a spoken-word poetry contest. Now he goes back and volunteers there to give today's kids the same opportunities he had
  47. He used his 24th birthday to raise more money for kids in Chicago. He raised over $100,000