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  1. B
    is for Boundless, which covers everything from her energy to her creativity to her thirst for knowledge to her love for family and friends. There's no way I'll ever keep up with her - I've stopped trying - but I'll also always be in awe and her biggest fan.
  2. R
    Is for Reverence. Whether it's some football team (there are so many I've lost track), old school rap, or that fancy Justin Timberlake, she's always taken being a fan to a level of devotion that's unmatched. Life stands still for the fantasy football draft - because a commitment is a commitment.
  3. i
    is for Information, because SERIOUSLY there's got to be eight times more stuff crammed into her head as compared to the average human brain, and it just keeps going. From the relatively useless (the birthdays of MY camp friends?) to the astounding (I saw what you were studying the last time I came to visit) she's my own personal living scrapbook and the smartest person I know.
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So I'll choose denial.
  1. With this
  2. And this
  3. Little of this
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Subtitle "places I couldn't get a reservation for my birthday" but damnit I'm going to get there
  1. Coppa
    Menu looked so amazing I almost cried when they said "5:30 or 9:30?"
  2. Toro
    No reservations? Yeah I get that... But Jamie Bissonnette's charcuterie will be mine eventually.
  3. Alden & Harlow
    Oh wait... By some miracle I DID get reservations!!! Not sure we'll make it in time for the secret burger... I'll play the birthday card.
  4. Still remaining: Sportello (because Barbara Lynch is my hero), Bronwyn (meat), Oleana (because Sarma was 100% amazing)
A redeeming holdover from my former job
  1. The 800 people in line at security in Orlando
  2. I wasn't one of them
Oh this just feels fun... You'll never know how many shots of sushi, charcuterie, and frogs legs were passed over in the making of this list.
  1. There's prosciutto on that pizza - a win any way you slice it
  2. Happiness takes all forms
  3. Cuteness personified
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  1. A list of memories that I've forgotten but my best friend will remind me of til we are 80
  2. Random crap around my condo that really needs to get fixed... And will... Some day.
  3. Every damn time
    Things that get me every damn time, like always having some foreign object in the damn garbage disposal or getting off on the wrong damn exit every time I enter Boston city limits.