Dream-come-trues and other photos I can't part with digitally.
  1. Oxford, England
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    One of my dreams that came true was studying abroad at Oxford. It was, hands down, one of the best experiences of my life. And because of that, I can't part with this photo I took atop Carfax Tower. Just look at this city! Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Paris, France
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    While studying abroad, I tacked on a trip to Paris at the end of my trip. This is a picture of me and one of my peers (who went with me, obvi) in front of the Notre Dame. Ugh, I can't even describe what this trip meant to me.
  3. Peter Pan
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    The one thing I HAD to see in London was the Peter Pan statue. So while I was doing assignments at the Museum of Natural History and the V&A, I walked over to Kensington Gardens and snapped this picture.
  4. Coffee
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    How cliche is this picture, guys? And it still sits on my phone. And makes me want to go get more coffee.
  5. *Boop*
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    This has been on my phone for so long and I just can't delete it. It makes me laugh every time I see it! I love it so much. Who knows why?
  6. My life in a nutshell
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    Bahahaha this is so me. I keep it around for kicks.
  7. My sister and me circa '97 (?)
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    This is one of my favorite photos of my twin sister and myself, mostly because we're cheesing so hard and I never smile like this anymore. And the snow. In retrospect my childhood seems like it was super magical. And this pretty much sums it up.
  8. College Graduation
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    This is a photo from my department graduation (Biology) with my sister and best friend. (I'm on the far left).
  9. How I feel about work
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    All the lols.
  10. This sunset
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    Taken the other day from my backyard. I couldn't believe my eyes. Isn't it crazy that photos of sunsets never look as amazing as they do in real like, but people (like myself) keep taking them? Why is that?
  11. Danny Amendola
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    Did I just out myself as a Pats fan? I'm not embarrassed. What can I say, success breeds envy. 😜 Anyways, this photo is a new addition on my phone but I already love it because Danny = "bae" (I think that's what they say these days).