Also known as my ongoing battle with time
  1. Work
    I work odd hours. 8-10 hours at a time. I could be working from 6am-2pm, 4pm-1am, even 11pm-7am. Also I can't have my phone out. And that policy is strict.
  2. MCAT Studying
    Who knew this would be such a time suck?! When I'm not working, 4/5 times I'm studying. For hours. Again, no phone.
  3. TV
    When I'm not at work and I'm not studying, I'm watching TV. Seeing as I'm in the middle of 12 shows right now... Yeah.
  4. Transit
    Going to and from places takes an outrageous amount of time. Going to work, coming back home, going to class, etc. Taking public transit? Add another hour both ways.
  5. Sleeping/Showering/Eating/Cleaning
    Why does it all take so long?!