The beach of my childhood. Photos from this past weekend.
  1. Check out this beauty
  2. With its black sand
  3. The bushy palm trees
  4. This little guy
  5. Countless shades of green
  6. Up close
  7. One perfect red
  8. Proper beach weather
    Year round
  9. For those of us who struggle with Fahrenheit
  10. Traditional Guatemalan beach architecture
  11. Which requires a lot of work and skill
    But it keeps you so cool (temperature wise)
  12. If it gets too hot....
  13. Sip on a coconut
  14. Or swim in the ocean
    The water is never cold but always refreshing!
  15. Guatemalan huevos rancheros for breakfast
  16. Get the grill going for lunch
  17. Light and easy packing
  18. Nice long walks in a practically desolate place with nothing but the sound of wind and crashing waves
  19. Sunsets for the soul
  20. Skies that make you want to never look away
  21. Guate, te quiero.