Carpeing My Diems?

The story of how songs play with your head.
  1. Today
  2. I heard a song
  3. For the first time
  4. It was "All About The Benjamins"
  5. I thought it was super awesome
  6. But then
  7. I found out it was released in 1997
  8. Which means it was in this world for 18 years before it came into my life
  9. This made me wonder
  10. What other greatness have I been missing out on?
  11. What if I die without having experienced all of the things?
  12. Am I carpeing my diems?
  13. And that was it
  14. Also, don't judge me for not having heard this song before. I grew up listening to the Now CDs. Ok, maybe you should judge me.