Took place the weekend of October 8-9 at The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles http://festivalofdisruption.com/#festival
  1. "The individual is cosmic"
  2. The festival name was inspired by a quote from the late founder of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    "Life is a festival of disruption"
  3. It was a combination of screenings, talks by legends from many walks of life, and concerts by extremely talented and eclectic musicians
  4. Transcendental Meditation
    The whole event was put together by The David Lynch Foundation whose mission is to spread the technique to as many people as possible. Lynch is a big proponent of TM, he has been practicing it for ever and even said once that "if you are excited about the new season of Twin Peaks, you can thank TM." He wrote a book called Catching The Big Fish inspired by his experience with TM. Intro video for the interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO3AnD2QbIg
  5. The Elephant Man
    I had never seen this movie and I loved it. Based on a true story. Nominated for many Academy Awards. Produced by Mel Brooks! Featuring the one and only Anne Bancroft. A truly moving story.
  6. Mel Brooks
    He's as great as you would expect, maybe greater. He spoke for about an hour straight just telling any story that came to his mind. The moderator barely got a word in to the point that Mel Brooks turned around to say "what are you here for?"
  7. "We need people like David. They make it okay for weird people to be accepted by society" - Mel Brooks
  8. Mel Brooks told a story about how someone showed him Eraserhead in order to pitch David Lynch as a director for The Elephant Man and Mel Brooks definitely wanted to meet him after watching the film. Lynch was very specific about the meeting having to take place at Bob's Burgers in Burbank. Apparently he ate there every day for about 7 years.
    During this meeting, Lynch said he estimated he could make the movie for about $200. "David has always been great with numbers" - Mel Brooks
  9. Mel Brooks also spoke about how the cinematographer for The Elephant Man, Freddie Francis taught Lynch a lot during the making of this film because Lynch only had Eraserhead under his belt.
  10. When Mel Brooks met Lynch, he thought it was so weird that he wore a dress shirt buttoned all the way to the top when he didn't wear a tie.
  11. Turns out Mel Brooks was married to Ann Bancroft, up until her death in 2005. He spoke about her very lovingly.
    Their son Max is a screenwriter (really into zombies) and wrote the book that would later become World War Z
  12. Blue Velvet Revisited
    This was the world premier of a documentary containing behind the scenes footage of the making of Blue Velvet. Lynch kept saying that being on set for Blue Velvet was the happiest and most free he had ever felt. The whole affair looked like movie set Utopia. Lynch never looked stressed, the crew and actors always looked happy. You could tell that everyone cared deeply about what they were doing and that they were a type of family.
  13. Kyle Maclachlan and Laura Dern
    After the documentary, these two hugely talented actors got on stage to discuss the making of Blue Velvet and the experience of working with Lynch. First of all, they are both great. Super smart and witty and fun and eloquent. Laura Dern spoke about originally wanting to find the same sort of place for her work that resembled the environments her parents had. Everyone told her to give up, that the industry had changed. When she began working with Lynch, however, she felt like she was home.
  14. The humor in Blue Velvet
    Dern also spoke about not knowing what Lynch intended with Blue Velvet with regards to humor. She recalled seeing it with an audience for the first time and the audience was laughing in certain parts which caught her by surprise, so she turned over to Lynch, kind of worried, only to see him quietly giggling to himself.
  15. John Malkovich and Sandro Miller
    Saw a very cool collaboration between these two where they pay homage to Lynch with a film in which Malkovich plays some of the most iconic characters from Lynch's films. Scenes were recreated to the T. And they were interspersed with scenes of Malkovich as Lynch.
  16. Frank Gehry on creativity
    This man is full of wisdom and humility. (Mel Brooks too). Interesting things he said: when he is lacking creativity, he spends time with non architects. In fact, most of his friends are non- architects so that he gets fresh perspectives about the world all the time.
  17. Frank Gehry's advice to young architects
    He says that one of the early things he does with his students is have them all write their signature. He then has everyone look at all the signatures to note their uniqueness and distinctiveness. He tells his students that the ones who will succeed are the ones who will stay true to themselves and true to that signature, which embodies their individuality.
  18. Frank Gehry on ego
    Said he doesn't usually care when they tear down his buildings (which has happened). He'd care if they tore down the Walt Disney Concert Hall or something like that, but he's not materially attached to all of it. He also said that he usually walks away from projects where the clients are not equally as involved as he is. He is a strong believer in collaboration. He spoke highly of all the young people who work alongside him in his firm as well. Said he doesn't think he's influenced architecture
  19. Frank Gehry on gender equality
    The moderator asked him why there are so few women in the field, and why there are even fewer who have risen to the top (she could only think of the late Zaha Hadid). Gehry said of Hadid that she had a very special, very particular personality. He also loved this topic and it's obvious he feels passionately about gender equality. He mentioned that architecture schools graduate 50% women and then he's not sure what happens but that his firm is roughly made up of 50% women.
  20. Frank Gehry on Trump.
    NO. He declined building anything for Trump 6 times.
  21. Frank Gehry's dream design
    I don't know if he was pandering but he said he would love to design a meditation center. If anyone has the money for this, please get on it, would be epic.'
  22. Journalist Kristine McKenna
    I had no idea who she was but I looked her up after she was the moderator for Frank Gehry. She's known for interviewing artists, writers, thinkers, filmmakers and musicians. Among the people she has interviewed and written about most often over the years are Exene Cervenka, Leonard Cohen, David Lynch, Captain Beefheart and Brian Eno. (This is all from Wikipedia). She was one of the first mainstream journalists to chronicle the LA punk rock scene. Currently working with Lynch on his biography.
  23. David Lynch's hilarious and weird advertisement for his brand of coffee
  24. Musical performances by:
  25. Jon Hopkins
    Performed electronica and dance music. He was gooooooood.
  26. St. Vincent
    Performed with two, sometimes three, dancers and a guy on a synth. The dancers reenacted the famous Blue Velvet scene with Isabella Rossellini and Dennis Hopper in her character's apartment where she's wearing the robe. St. Vincent's voice is a dream and so is she.
  27. Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters
    Loved this one so much. Wish I could relive it.
  28. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Her visuals were cool, the music was ok for the first song and then it all sounded kind of the same.
  29. Rhye
    Did not know them. Gave me all of the feels. The strings were my favorite part. And his voice. I got to watch them rehearse too. Magic.
  30. The Music of Twin Peaks interpreted by
  31. Xiu Xiu
    Also didn't know them. Wow. Incomparable energy. Singer songwriter Jamie Stewart is a one of a kind performer. Experimental noise pop category.
  32. Sky Ferreira
    Unfortunately she was extremely nervous
  33. Angelo Badalamenti
    BOSS. The legendary composer and long time Lynch collaborator performed and spoke and the music was beautiful.
  34. Rebekah Del Rio
    Performed her song Llorando which appeared on Mulholland Drive
  35. A disruptive experience indeed.
    FYI: Transcendental Meditation gained global attention when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became the guru for The Beatles and The Beach Boys. 🙏🏽