Gifs You Find When You Search "Today"

Because everything makes sense if you think about it
  1. Today. At the beginning.
    Today might have looked like this when you woke up and thought about how much you love sleep and also about all the things you have to do
  2. Today. At Breakfast.
    But then you realized you are fearless and you're not going to let today scare you. Instead, you are going to laugh in it's face right before you CRUSH it.
  3. Today. Huh?
    This makes no sense. But isn't that what makes life great? The nonsensical? Like pairing ice cream with French fries. That combo should not be delicious, IT MAKES NO SENSE.
  4. Today. In perspective.
    In the grander scheme of things, today is just meaningless. So you might as well do that really embarrassing thing because the universe doesn't really care.