Foreword: this is not an attempt to hit on you or anger your significant other. Just let me count the ways I love thee....
  1. Appreciate me from the start like @element75
  2. Be hilarious AF like @HisDudeness
  3. Show me consistent love like @NumbahTwo
  4. Have amazing proposals for religious reform like @PeteOnEarth
  5. Be genuinely kind and friendly like @LaiaPM
  6. Be witty and inventive like @tombatten
  7. Share my love of Stephen Colbert and teach me about the funniest things happening in American culture like @franksars
  8. Teach me about music like our departed (on here) Nathan V.
  9. Be as passionate about something as @dudleyjoshua is about going to see Radiohead
  10. Make raging playlists like @dreadpiratemama
  11. Inspire me like @ChrisK
    Thanks for thinking of this list idea
  12. Be my ride or die
  13. Challenge me
  14. Dance with me
  15. Write a song about me
    Or a poem. Basically give me the keys to your heart and prove it to me in written form. I will also accept an interpretative dance
  16. Yeah so... Should we all get married?
  17. P.s. If you're not on this list I also love you. This list is not exclusive
    No bouncers, no velvet rope, just all around peace and love. If John Lennon opened up a nightclub, this would be it.