A.k.a my @list origin story. Honestly I have no idea how everyone else got here.
  1. Once upon a time, during a late winter night in New York City
    Late January 2016
  2. I walked out onto the patio/dining area of my hotel.
    I was hungry and I wanted to order some dinner.
  3. I looked over the menu, ordered, and realized my phone was totally dead
  4. I looked in front of me and saw @bjnovak
    At the time, I didn't know who he was but I knew I recognized him from SOMETHING on television. My phone was dead so I couldn't count on it for any answers.
  5. He was looking at his own phone when the waitress placed his soup in front of him
  6. He started to eat his soup....still looking at his phone
  7. I was dining solo and phoneless, he was dining solo too
  8. So I did the logical thing and walked over, and asked if he wanted company while he ate
  9. He said something along the lines of "I'm actually in the middle of a really important text conversation. But that's really cool of you to offer."
  10. So I said "Ok" and went back to my table and stared into space I guess
  11. When I was back in my room I charged my phone and wanted to know who that guy was
  12. The only thing I could think of searching was "celebrity who looks like Seth Meyers"
  13. And boom
  14. So I proceeded to read his Wikipedia page, where I learned some facts
    Which I assume you all know
  15. Like: Actor, writer and executive producer of The Office (ooooooh ok), graduated from Harvard and was a member of the Harvard Lampoon, majored in English and Spanish literature
  16. I also learned about his book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, which I purchased and read
    And thoroughly enjoyed
  17. And somehow I learned about this app and downloaded it
    What a stalker
  18. And now here we are