Inspired by @element75 recent trip which she documented beautifully. My Trip to Guatemala Also @Lisa_Fav who encourages us all to learn about other cultures. Muy importante. Random facts. Come visit me ✌🏽️
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    Where: Central America (in the continent of North America FYI!!!)
    Even though I have definitely been asked if it's in Africa or if it is just a part of Mexico
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    Weather: perfect.
    Known as the land of eternal spring
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    People: Friendly
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    Scenery: beautiful
    Perhaps you need a little Guatemala
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    Check out this lake (Lago Atitlan)
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    And this place Rio Dulce
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    For breakfast, we eat huevos rancheros!!
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    Population: 16 million (largest country and largest economy in Central America)
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    Official language: Spanish BUT a large part of the population doesn't speak it or Spanish is their second language.
    Home to 21 Mayan languages and 2 non Mayan languages
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    National Bird: Quetzal
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    National tree: Ceiba
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    National Flower: Monja Blanca (White Orchid)
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    Nobel Prize in Literature: Miguel Angel Asturias for his book El SeΓ±or Presidente
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    Nobel Peace Prize: Rigoberta Menchu
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    If you like coffee, you probably know ours is amongst the best in the world
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    If you've been to Guatemala, you probably know we're really good at textiles too
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    This is the technique used by our artisans.
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    We have coast on the Pacific and on the Atlantic Ocean and most of our beaches are black sand (volcanic rock sand).
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    We have several active volcanoes and I like to climb one called Pacaya. I have made s'mores with lava.
    Check out the river of lava behind us
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    This is what Pacaya looks like
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    And at night during an eruption
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    On several occasions, Guatemala City has been covered in ash due to volcano activity.
    You've seen nothing if you haven't seen ash fall from the sky.
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    A really cool tradition is the celebration of Holy Week (Catholic) in the colonial town of Antigua. People make elaborate "rugs" on the streets that are beautiful pieces of art and require so much skill and effort. They are temporary as they get walked on by the processions that take place and this makes them more beautiful.
    It's cool even if you're an atheist or belong to another religion.
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    Semana Santa (Holy Week) procession
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    We were the cusp of the Mayan civilization and you definitely need to visit the Mayan ruins and the jungle in Peten
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    I highly recommend a Mayan ceremony with a Shaman who is of actual Mayan ancestry.
    This is Tata Pedro
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    In 1954 the US government backed the toppling of democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz and put a dictator in his place. Che Guevara was in Guatemala when this happened, he even fought against the US backed army. Witnessing this was a pivotal moment in his life (obviously).
    Bitter Fruit can give you the whole story
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    Our current president was a comedian before he was elected president. His name is Jimmy Morales.
    He was elected after our former President and Vice President were forced to resign due to a corruption scandal. Guatemala is extremely special in the fact that we peacefully forced our President to resign.
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    Arturo Castro (a.k.a. Jaime in Broad City), is Guatemalan.
    He has his own online sketch show called Alternatino. Check it:
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    Our most famous singer is Ricardo Arjona. You probably don't know him but he is huge in Latin America.
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    Gaby Moreno is another Guatemalan singer I love
    She just released an album (available on Apple Music), she wrote the jingle for Parks and Recreation, and David Byrne follows her on Twitter πŸ†
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    Beautiful music video (and song) shot in Guatemala City by a great group called Malacates and featuring Gaby Moreno
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    Agador Spartacus is Guatemalan 😍
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    Andrea Cardona is also Guatemalan. Not only did she climb Everest, but she completed the Explorer's Grand Slam. That's the highest peak of every continent, plus skiing the last degree of the South Pole and the last degree of the North Pole. Only 33 people in history have accomplished this
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    The inventor of recaptcha (that thing you do to prove you're not a robot) and the founder of Duolingo, Luis Von Ahn, is Guatemalan
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    Here are Luis Von Ahn's thoughts on the election
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    Seriously. Come to Guatemala and let me show you around.