Only the ones I like.
  1. Giants of History
    My favorite. So much so that I donated a lot of money (for a podcast donation) to it and the host and I are email friends now.
  2. Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast
    A guy who really knows his stuff dissects music. So far mainly Kendrick which is fine by me. I thought I understood like 12% of Kendrick until this came along and made me realize I understand less than 1%.
  3. Criminal Injustice
    I have been fascinated with this topic ever since I read an article about the US prison system in N+1. I keep wanting to learn more and more which feels like masochism because the more I learn the more outraged I get and the more powerless I feel. But this podcast is great.
  4. Scriptnotes
    Because I like movies and writing and hearing awesome people talk.
  5. The Tim Ferris Show
    Good for inspiration and fantasy cocktail party planing.
  6. Call Your Girlfriend
    Basically how I understood politics and pop culture this year.
  7. Let's Know Things
    Extremely interesting topics that will mainly get you thinking about the future. My only complaint is that the host's voice puts me to sleep and given that he's talking about dense topics, it takes effort to listen to this one.
  8. How I Built This
    Entrepreneurs and doers talk about how they went and built things.