Bring it back please @list @listbot
  1. First of all, when someone re-listed your list, it was a solid act of loving your list so much they wanted to share it with everyone in their own universe
    And that made me feel connected with whoever was re-listing. It was a true generator of positive feelings and solidarity and community. And it made me happy to do the same for other listers.
  2. Second of all, when a list was truly great or important or hilarious or one of a kind, it got the attention it deserved because everyone could share it
    Now we are all stuck in our own little list world and it feels really constricted and lame
  3. One of my favorite ways to discover good lists, and more importantly listers, was to check out what other people were re-listing. It was a cool way to curate without pushing anything on anyone.
    There is a difference between loving a list and re-listing a list and there is a difference between stumbling on a list yourself and finding a list because you don't have a choice.
  4. Please bring back re-listing
    I feel handicapped without it. Like I know a language but am not being allowed to use it.