Inspired by @tombatten who wants to learn new things that are not math related
  1. The War on Drugs
    Brief intro: It's gnarly
  2. The Third World
    I think this term might be politically incorrect but I'm from there so leave me alone. Plus, if being a world were an Olympic sport, then having a bronze medal is not so bad. It's Olympic. Plus you still get to stand on the podium, and if you are from the actual Third World and you won an Olympic medal then your entire country is rejoicing. PLUS you're probably pretty happy instead of really mad like the guy who almost came in first but didn't. That guy's a loser.
  3. How to dance to Reggaeton while still maintaining your dignity
    Or perhaps my intro class: What is Reggaeton and why should I care? Or my night session class: Reggaeton lyrics deconstructed (this is the class for you if you like to talk exclusively about raunchy dirty sex)
  4. Economics and Finance
    Emphasis on "might be of interest" 👆🏽Imma guess no but, hey, might as well put it out there and just bear my entire soul. Risk parity anyone?
  5. Assembling IKEA furniture
  6. Me
    Myself. I know myself. I just casually dropped a Delphic maxim on you btw, which we can also discuss.
  7. Mental Illness and the entire mental healthcare system
    No, really. Let's talk about this. This is my favorite. It is so interesting and so messed up all at once.
  8. The Mayans
    One of the many benefits of being from Guatemala: I have participated in many Mayan ceremonies and I'm tight with a few Shamans. Sidenote: Apocalypto sucks.
  9. Sticking it to the man
    Not saying I'm an expert, just saying it's a passion.