Fuckin tourists!... Cuz sum day I will leave the damn country!
  1. South Korea
    Sweetie take me to the homeland!
  2. Grand Canyon
    New year??
  3. Las Vegas
    New Year??
  4. Anywhere in South America
    Any language down there. I got this. Que bueno. Tudo bem.
  5. Spain
    How I wish I had a Silvia Plath
  6. London
    Cuppa tea. Fish & chips. Mary poppins.
  7. Italia
  8. Fiji
    Get me some of that water
  9. Hawaii
    Move down there & throw my watch away, ya know, cuz my phone's gotta clock
  10. Mexico
    Cuz that shits gottabe crazy. & I don't wanna go to no Americanized resort. I wanna be fuggin OUT THERE! Burros & desert & shit!
  11. Joshua Tree, CA
    Dry ass south western desert vistas melt my eyeball hearts😻