Roots, cheers. One grows in the ground the other grows with more drinks.
  1. Miami Dolphins🔶🐬🏈
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    When was the last time your football team completed a perfect undefeated season? Oh, never? Right, so shut it! #1972!
  2. Denver Nuggets
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    Ok. I've love this team since age 7, so get ur head outta the gutter. "Huh huh. Nuggets. Huh huh. Mile high." SHUT IT!
  3. The University of Virginia💙🔶🏈🏀🔶💙
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    That good ol' song of WAHOOWA, we'll sing it o'er & o'er. It cheers are hearts & warms our blood to hear them shout and ROAR! We come from ol' VIRGINIA where all is bright & gay! Let's all join hands & give a yell for dear ol' UVA!
  4. Non-racist DC clubs
  5. Oh, let's not forget the wifey's Michigan & Detroit squads