Some people can be like skin rashes, they irritate & shud pry be checked out by a doctor.
  1. Weird clicking sounds w ur mouth when thinking
    Tongues are not required for thought or decision making
  2. Walking on the right side of the sidewalk
    There are no traffic lanes on the sidewalk. Go left idiot
  3. Talking on the phone while ordering food or checking out.
    Ya got 2 choices brah: hang up the phone or get outta line.
  4. Chewing w ur mouth open
    Gross ass mouth breathers.
  5. Slurping coffee.
    Drinking shudnt be audible
  6. Groups that go 4 wide on the sidewalk
    Damn this ain't red rover. Move idiots
  7. Restaurants with sidewalk seating
    I'm looking at you Silver Diner Bethesda👀
  8. When the car in the left lane damn near stops to crash right & not miss that turn off
    Damn go around the block or double back at the next exit.
  9. When the slow ass driver gets in the far left lane becuz they turning L in 10 miles
    a) I'm going faster, let me pass. b) u will get over in time, u got plenty of road ahead, I promise
  10. When the car in front of u decides he shud teach u a lesson about speeding
    U ain't the law brah. Mind ya bizness.