100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1992) 🕰

Inspired by @jakebrandman
  1. 1992 is probably the 🐐 for 🎮. Legends were born as so many games were either remade,ported, or the very first of its kind.
  2. Street Fighter 2
    My favorite fighting game of all time.
  3. Mortal Kombat
    The finishing moves were unreal for its time. #teamsubzero
  4. Mario Kart
    This game was played at every party I went to that had a Snes. The OG of the long standing series.
  5. Wolfenstein 3D
    The first person shooter I ever got to play. It totally forgot about DOS.
  6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    Tails appears for the first time. I enjoy this more than the original.
  7. Star Control 2
    Released on DOS and still hailed as one of the greatest PC games ever made today
  8. Where In The USA is Carmen San Diego Deluxe Edition
    I loved this game. We had it at our elementary school.
  9. Virtua Racing
    Hailed as one of the most influential games of all time. It was released in the Arcades and is pretty much the reason why any car racing arcade game exists today like Daytona USA.
  10. Mega Man 4 and 5
    Yes ,we were blessed with 2 Mega Mans in 1992!
  11. Echo The Dolphin
    The first installment of this popular Sega series. I never got into it but I know plenty of people who did.
  12. Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
    4.6 million copies of this game were sold. This game was amazing and is my 2nd favorite Zelda behind Ocarina of time. I feel like I am repeating myself but this too is considered one of the best games of all time.
  13. Final Fantasy V
    It came out in 92 for Japan. Eventually the popularity of the series could not keep it away from the US. It was later ported on to Playstation. Now you can even find this game for android or iOS.
  14. Indiana Jones and The Fate Of Atlantis
    A very popular game for 1992 that I missed out on.
  15. Kirby's Dream Land
    This is the first time Kirby shows up in the gaming world.
  16. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
    I mean its Mario on a Gameboy. Need I say more?
  17. Contra III
    So many hours of my life was spent playing this.
  18. Super Star Wars
    I can't say no to Star Wars. Getting to fly a x wing and drive a landspeeder were fun add ons to its normal play.
  19. Alone In The Dark
    I did not have this game but it is hailed as the first 3d game. The latest version of this game came out in 2015.
  20. TMNT:Turtles In Time
    I loved this beat em up game which was also found in the arcades. Playing with a friend was the way to go.
  21. Streets of Rage 2
    This button smasher was similiar to Double Dragons but better. Another game listed in best of all time lists.
  22. Bulls Vs Lakers And The NBA Playoffs
    I still own this game. 6 year old Austin thought this was so great.