1. 🔫💥✈️ (da fei gei is how you would pronounce the word)
    Directly translates to shoot airplanes. Its the way to say masturbation.
  2. 👻 🙎 (gwei mui)
    Literal translation is ghost girl but means white girl.
  3. 🛫. (fei gei cherng)
    Translates to airport but is slang for a flat chested women.
  4. ⚫️♥️ (hak sum)
    Black heart aka someone with bad intentions
  5. 🍚 (fahn woon)
    Rice bowl aka job. Similiar to English bread equals money or cheddar for the hip kids.
  6. 🍛🐔 (gai lei gai)
    If you say this in Cantonese you will either get curry chicken or a hickey:
  7. 🐔 (gai)
    Chicken or female prostitute
  8. 🌷❤️ (fah sum)
    Flower heart or playboy
  9. 👦🍤 (dai toe ha)
    Big headed shrimp or absent minded person
  10. 👀🔴 (ngan hong)
    Red eyes or jealous
  11. ➕⛽️ (ga yull)
    Add gas or to cheer someone on