Do You Brush Your Teeth With Hot Or Cold Water?

  1. ok and by doing it in the shower I mean brushing my teeth in the shower
    Suggested by   @lesbian
  2. Cold!!
    Helps me wake up 🙃
    Suggested by   @marilinabedros
  3. Cold!!
    Is hot water brushing even a thing?
    Suggested by   @HisDudeness
  4. Warm water because I have delicate sensitive teefs.
    It hurts like hell to swish & gargle cold water!
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  5. COLD
    I'm guessing whoever uses warm puts their milk in before the cereal 🙄
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  6. Cold.
    Wait, do people actually use hot water??
    Suggested by   @supabg
  7. COLD unless I'm doing it in the shower
    Suggested by   @lesbian
  8. Omg do you use hot water
    Suggested by   @biz
  9. Cold what kind of monster brushes with hot water?
    Suggested by   @LeahG
  10. Cold. Of course?
    Suggested by   @edge
  11. HOT you're all monsters. :)
    Suggested by   @egiuffri
  12. COLD.
    Please explain to me why one would use hot water?!?!? I've also never been one to understand the shower teeth brushing
    Suggested by   @supercommonname
  13. Cold
    Hoy would feel like a waste of water cause the water would have to run a lot while you'd wait for it to become warm.
    Suggested by   @solena
  14. *warm*
    A warm brush is scientifically proven to clean better than an ice cold one. Same philosophy as scrubbing dishes—I also wake up with baked cheese stuck on my teeth.
    Suggested by   @chriscady
  15. Warm. And only unorganised rushed people brush in the shower. 😬
    Suggested by   @solitarygigi
  16. COLD of course
    ...but I HAVE TO wet the paste-applied-toothbrush b4 putting in mouth at the risk of knocking the paste off the brush. I've noticed others simply apply, brush away then rinse/repeat. YUCK.
    Suggested by   @bdot
  17. I would say tepid.
    I don't like how hot seems to soften the bristles. But also, if I was just washing my face, I wouldn't wait for it to cool down, so...
    Suggested by   @ashlynparish
  18. Warm
    My teeth are sensitive, but also because I brush with my right hand and it's easier to turn on the hot with my left hand.
    Suggested by   @krissybell76
  19. COLD
    When I accidentally use warm water it feels so gross. Cold water is more refreshing!
    Suggested by   @hermionegranger
  20. Lukewarm
    I don't feel like I have to explain myself - it's my damn mouth!! I'd decide what goes it in!!
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  21. Cold Water. Always. Never in the shower. Period. ✌️
    Suggested by   @KasperNymand
  22. Cold!
    Unless I accidentally turn on the warm water. If that happens I just go with it.
    Suggested by   @lizzy4liz
  23. HOT
    Some like it hot 😏 But really, makes my teeth feel cleaner. ALWAYS followed up with my tongue scraper and then a swishing of cool water.
    Suggested by   @kallee
  24. Cold BUT
    Brushing your teeth in the shower?? How have I never thought of that wow I could've been really living all this time but no
    Suggested by   @samkaplan
  25. Warm, because I am a monster
    My toothbrush is in my right hand so I turn on the left faucet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by   @elliedougherty_
  26. Sometimes cold sometimes warm
    I brush my teeth with the hot water turned on so I don't waste the water while I'm waiting for it to heat up so I can wash my face. If my husband has just shaved or taken a shower it heats up faster.
    Suggested by   @julieann718
  27. Hot 🔥
    Only because I brush with my right hand and the hot tap is on the left.
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf
  28. Warm
    Like others, I've got sensitive teeth!
    Suggested by   @evak
  29. Warm- makes the bristles softer and makes me feel like it's cleaner. *shrugs*
    Suggested by   @JAYR
  30. Cold!!
    I once did it with hot water and it just completely confused me 😕
    Suggested by   @sallyb
  31. Team Hot Tap 👍🏼
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
    This is how often this list plagues my memory. Seriously.
    Suggested by   @LeahG