With food pictures
  1. I went to restaurant Viridiana for a nice meal in Madrid
  2. At least the plates were cool
  3. We were greeted by our waiter Alfredo who sat us downstairs in the back. The place was completely empty.
  4. We asked to move
    His response was "Like only if you really want to"
  5. We asked about the full bar
    He said "Of course why wouldn't we but its not like we can make everything
  6. I asked what the beer selection was
    "Only Czech Pilsner of course" yes Alfredo thats was so obvious. We are in Spain afterall and what place only has one beer
  7. Then I asked for what whiskey they carried
    He literally laughed and was like we just have SO many and listed off johnny walker,chivas, blah blah blah? Is that enough? I said ok I will have a Laphroig. Oh we don't have that one.
  8. Off to the wine which we ordered a bottle
  9. We ordered one and my friend wanted it to breathe for a bit
  10. 10 minutes later he sarcastically said " is it ok to pour it now"
  11. Then we ask for 3 olives for a martini and he had to check on that even though it was a full service bar if i remember
  12. End of dinner when we asked for the check he said "Just to be sure your bill does not include tips"
  13. Basically we paid $300 euros for a little Spanish boy trying to hand down Wolfgang Puck foodie lessons