1. So the night before I left for Hawaii, a box from the Li.st North Pole shows up 😍.
  2. I just assumed my Secret Santa thought I moved to Africa permanently.
  3. Static
    Question 1: Who is Mrs Claus? Question 2: Since it was a executive decision, who is part of this committee 🤔?
  4. Static
    Yes a throwback Jesus!
  5. Static
    Its Britney bitch!! This gift is perfect and Mrs. Claus must be a list OG! I miss the workbitch handle.
  6. Static
    Some of my favorite snacks! I literally just finished a bag of mango the day before! I took the grand slam mix with me on the plane. also I can't wait to try the cocoa with marshmallows when I get back!
  7. Static
    Also, I had these guys in my fridge already... I stay on brand. This secret lister really knows the way to my heart!
  8. Static
    Great Christmas wrapping makes me forget we are in January. I love how you labeled it sports!
  9. Static
    This is perfect! Something else I can procrastinate with instead of being on Li.st when I have a article deadline.
  10. Static
    More sports!!
  11. Static
    I can now watch the rise, fall, and semi reborn of my college football program anytime I want. 🐴🆙
  12. Static
    More gifts! You are far TOO kind!
  13. Static
    😂😂😂 Yoga 🐐 > yoga 🐶 . I'll take this to the gym and proudly snapchat my Goat yoga session!
  14. Thank you SO SO much for coming in and saving the day! The mystery secret Li.st Mrs Claus is a true hero!
  15. Thank you so much u for setting this up @DawnCloud!! Who is Mrs Claus?!!