Requested by Boogie

How I'm Spending My 30th Birthday

Thank you for the list request @Boogie!
  1. I am taking it easy today with golf and dinner with the family.
  2. My sisters threw me a awesome party last night.
  3. The theme was a Hawaiian Luau.
  4. The cup game was 💯
  5. Floats were also 💯
  6. There was Hawaiian foods like spam musabi, sliders, poke, and ribs.
  7. Turns out pool beer pong was harder than normal beer pong.
  8. And they got me this tank to wear for the party.
  9. Spending time relaxing with friends.
  10. The cake was so pretty and the you are old candles was a nice touch.
  11. Blowing out the candles as fast as you can because you realize they are actually melting into the cake.
  12. My amazing sisters! Thanks for the party!
  13. Oh and they made a Snapchat geotag too!
  14. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my last hours in my twenties.