I actually had this in drafts forever but today it came to the forefront after listing it in my how to be me in 5 steps. HOW TO BE ME IN FIVE EASY STEPS
  1. @aida 😬
  2. Lets begin now that you have all gathered. Here are the pants I have currently that are white.
  3. Uniqlo thermal jean
  4. Two Nike shorts
  5. Two Nike gym shorts. They are the exact same 😔
  6. A addidas and puma short
  7. Another addidas and a gym short
  8. Express Pants
  9. Puma Golf Pants
  10. Nike Golf
  11. Another Nike Golf 😮
  12. Uniqlo Corduroy
  13. Uniqlo jean
  14. And I have one more pair of Under Armour pants as well as a pair of white Thai pants not pictured.
  15. Grand Total: 17
  16. I have no chill when it comes to white pants.