1. @TQ pointed out to me that I had 666 followers. I decided to be the List App devil for the day.
  2. What better way to do it then letting the community know about a unpopular opinion of mine.
  3. Friends is a overrated TV show and not worthy of a spot in the top 10 shows of all time. I have not watched a full season even though I lived right thru its peak.
  4. The characters are bad people and not in a funny way like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  5. If that doesn't rile you up enough lets add more 🔥🔥.
  6. A few years ago I was in New York City and happened upon a place with a line of people.
  7. Turns out it was for this spare coffee shop.
  8. That had pictures of these people up but where were they?
  9. At least the coffee was good!
  10. Typing these notes out and printing them would have been a lot easier to read.
  11. Probably the first time I have seen a porn video and a sonogram together. Kinda twisted if you ask me.
  12. Science boy is still waiting for his big moment.
  13. Someone left their clothes behind.
  14. More pictures and autographs of these so called friends. Where are they?
  15. Everyone is in line to sit on this orange couch. It must be super comfy.
  16. I mean its comfortable but not the best in the world.
  17. One last look at the ☕️ shop.
  18. Starbucks was better.
  19. Come at me!