Congratulations to our final 32! There were many outstanding lists and I really enjoyed reading them all!!!
  1. One thing I found suprising was to see how all the big name list matchups end up as blowouts. A few people 👻 me lol as they never did a list but they were active on list this week. Perhaps their opponents scared them away with some House of Cards methods.
  2. We will add one new rule to this round and a chance for bonus points.
  3. The new rule: tagging anyone that isn't me in their list or comments is now prohibited for the author. You can still comment but do not use the @.
  4. Bonus points: A like is worth 2 pts by any celebrity List Apper aka the guys with the blue check mark and a relist by them is worth 4pts.
  5. Round 2 starts tommorrow Thursday March 24 and ends Monday March 28.
  6. Leading off, we have the Midwest region
  7. In the West region,
  8. Next up, South Region
  9. Lastly, we have the East
  10. Static
  11. Good luck!