Inspired by the real and fake Jon Gruden.
  1. B is for beauty. Man I tell you I have seen some beautiful things in my life and this is right up there.
  2. Kaitlyn is a surgeon. I tell you her lists will shred you with joy. Just pure perfection.
  3. Man I love reading her lists. Her lists are like sticking a fork in a outlet. Simply electrifying!
  4. Jenny Lee is like the queen bee.Just call her Beyonce. I love her music.
  5. Someone grab me a trombone right now. Her lists are 💯 and I need to drop some beats.
  6. I tell ya what. Dana must have sat on a couple benjamins because her lists have been money.
  7. @Fitz
    Fitz reminds me of a clumsy cashier. Always dropping dimes. He always stays on the money. Can't wait for his next list!
  8. If I am Santa Claus, I am having Chris lead my sleigh.Sorry Rudolph but you have been overtaken. I love it!
  9. Grace is like a tall girl with a small blanket. You just can't cover her.You are going to need a quilt.
  10. Like the mailman, she always delivers. Doesn't matter if its rain,snow, sleet, or shine. I love it.
  11. You know what the G stands for? Gamer. Natural born winner I tell you. Its like she has a 6th sense.
  12. Let me tell you there is a epidemic going on and we are all getting infected by it. I am not afraid to say it. I have caught a case of the Frank Sars.
  13. Lily's list are always such high caliber. I think I get high just reading them.High on life that is. Good times!
  14. You know how I feel after reading a list by Becky? Becktacular! I love it. Its like winning.
  15. Boone or bust? I can't believe you are even asking me this question. This kid Dustin is the hardest working man I know. And his lists are the beneficiary.
  16. A name like bobbyhundreds only means money.Move out of the way Johnny Manziel. Bobby football. I like the ring to that.
  17. Shanaz is simply killing it on list and the GOAT. I love goats.
  18. I don't know if she is related to Steph, but what I do know is that the lists she dishes are 🔥🔥🔥.
  19. She's like fresh cut grass yall. Let me tell you. Her potential is thru the roof and has plenty of room to grow.Just throw some fertilizer on her and watch her grow!
  20. Just love the topics Nelle lists about it. They are never dull and shes likes to spread it out. Its like shes out there making jam.
  21. You want to watch something spectacular? Look no further. The Alli Gee Show is a ticket I will buy even without a date. Heck yes I will go solo.
  22. Have you been watching this kid on List? He left me speechless and I have a lot to say. Can't wait for all the haters to eat some crowe. Even the gladiator won't be able to dig you out of this hole.
  23. All the great ones only go by one name. Olive is no different. Trust me you don't want to cross her.
  24. If I walk into any coffee shop today, I expect to be able to order a Geoff Coffee. Its only one I will drink when reading the paper in the mornings.
  25. Man this guy is just raking on list. I am willing to run up my bill because what I am seeing is transcendent. Besides, I already did my taxes and I am getting a refund this year.
  26. People turn on your iphones! I can't believe what I am reading. No wonder TV ratings are named after this kid. Nielsen is something special I tell you.
  27. Wake up and smell the roses. I understand lives get busy but these lists simply can't be missed.
  28. Let me just say we are looking at the MJ of @list. I would bow down to such greatness if I ever ran into the guy. I just hope my knees hold up.
  29. She is a true pioneer in her field. I love the way she goes about her business. I would announce her show if she invites me on the Mindy Project. My kids love her.
  30. There is nothing simple about Shelli. Its her complexity that keeps her shining on List. I already have goosebumps just talking about her.