1. When @jakester13q finally gets to use this
  2. Wine 🍷 🍷 🍷 aplenty
  3. @stefaniiiii is ready to stir the pot like Lil B
  4. Dessert
    Pumpkin bread and pie and berry pie
  5. @stefaniiiii ask whats the show that catches child predators
    @jakester13q responds with how to catch a predator 😳 tell me more
  6. The topic at the moment is best eyes
  7. Its not thanksgiving without 🏈
  8. Belize babies
  9. Lets play a game
  10. @stefaniiiii wins most unique kids names
  11. @jakester13q most similiar to Jane Lynch
  12. @kellychanson most likely to live the longest
  13. @arekp01 most likely to own a telescope
  14. Oh hello? Its me, I was wondering after all these years if you want to meet
  15. Now Adele Thanksgiving SNL SKIT