A two man turkey shootout
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    Great start no cart with our names. Oh they do have a cart for us but left our names out.
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    Practice shots taken before round: 0
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    Number of 🌮 eaten: 4
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    Our gps is broken. What did we pay $60 for?
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    Hole 1
    We escape with bogey. I hit myself with own ball on wedge shot and i put my second shot in water. Thank god its best ball!
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    Hole 2
    Partner slips on tee shot😳. Now he is stretching out. Second one putt in a row gets us a par.
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    Hole 3
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    25 foot birdie brings us back to even 💯💯
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    Hole 4
    Hole 4 back 2 back water shots and ob for partner. Double bogey which is the max 😔 back to 2 over for the day
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    Hole 5
    We bounce back with a par. Time for drugs. Well at least for Brett.
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    Drugs are fun 💊💊💊
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    Hole 6
    Long par 4 bogey. Partner bailed me out after i hit a wedge 20 yards past the hole.
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    Hole 7
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    Partner complains about his back. Another bogey as nothing goes right as we get on the green in 4. Now sitting at 4 over.
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    Hole 8
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    Just hit my 5th shank of day from 160. But recovered on 3rd and two putt for par.
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    Today's featured balls
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    Hole 9
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    A lovely 200 yd par 3 ⛳️ but another bogey. 5 over thru 9
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    Hole 10
    We can't get off the bogey train. A terrible 3 putt. We had 4 tries at par from 30ft
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    Hole 11
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    I guess we were too busy duck watching as we miss green by 10 ft and walk away with a double bogey 😬
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    Ducks on the loose
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    Hole 12
    Another bogey. First missed fairway of the day.
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    Hole 13
    We finally par and stop bogey streak 😅
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    Hole 14
    Afterr two 💦💧 shots off the tee its hero golf time! Brett hits driver of the deck and into the💧.When will this hole end. Just a comedy of errors.shame 🔔 shame🔔shame 🔔
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    Hole 15
    Driver to the fairway. And green in regulation. Brett just called me his ying to my yang. 😳Par party!
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    Hole 16
    Turn around from my tee shot and Brett is petting 🐕🐩 . No wonder we are doing so bad. Is this a petting zoo?! Back 2 back pars!
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    Hole 17
    3 pars in a row. #finishthefight 👊
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    Hole 18
    Going for gold and lands just short in the sand by the green. Just miss for par and end with a bogey.
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    Final score 84.
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    Oh we finished last! We started from the bottom and now we are still there.
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    Brett orders a burger and the server said there is a line. He ask if it will take like half a hr or a hr. She literally said I don't know😳.
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    Breaking News we are no longer last!
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