Inspired by @TQ All items available in 🇺🇸 excluded
  1. 21.
    Fish Muffin (breakfast)
    Filet O Fish on a McMuffin at 7am. No thank you.
  2. 20.
    Egg & Cheese Burger
    Not a fan of ketchup and eggs only
  3. 19.
    Double Filet O Fish
    Filet O FIsh seems very popular
  4. 18.
    Big N Tasty
    Did not surive in America but you can still find it here
  5. 17.
    Ham & Cheese Burger
    This is their only ham item. It looks more like spam than the ham we are use to.
  6. 16.
    Corn pie
    A dessert that hardly shows up on my radar
  7. 15.
    Cup of corn
    Literally just a cup of corn you can substitute as a side or just order it.
  8. 14.
    Red Bean Pie
    If you like red bean this will certainty be higher
  9. 13.
    Purple Rice Soy Milk
  10. 12.
    Red Bean Sundae
  11. 11.
    Soy Milk
  12. 10.
    Chicken Muffin
    I am spoiled by a breakfast chicken sandwich at this place called Chick Fil A
  13. 9.
    Mixed veggie and egg pasta (breakfast)
    All the pasta items are breakfast. Its very popular to have macaroni in the mornings with a lunch meat.
  14. 8.
    Chicken, sausage or ham pasta
  15. 7.
    McSpicy chicken
    Chicken thigh fried with hot spices. Asians prefer dark meat so white meat is usaully cheaper here. No ads here promoting 100 percent chicken breast like we see in US McDonalds.
  16. 6.
    Any soft drink with soft serve
  17. 5.
    Black peppered grill chicken thigh sandwich
  18. 4.
    Regular spice or bbq chicken wings and drumsticks
  19. 3.
    Prosperity Burger
    chicken or beef with a pepper sauce
  20. 2.
    Twister Fries
    Curly Fries
  21. 1.
    Beef'N Hashbrown Burger
    Beef patty with pepper sauce and a hashbrown