I have only been in New Orleans for 30 some odd hours and I am so happy to leave now.✌️
  1. Drama #1
    One guy didn't like the living arrangements and called the best man a chode in emails.
  2. Drama #2
    Groom would not get of his phone. Kept texting his soon to be wife. She is very insecure to begin with. We finally had to take his phone away.
  3. Drama # 3
    Best man vs soon to be wife. She was not happy that she couldn't find out what groom was doing. Literally she needed to know every moment. This is a girl who cried because she was not invited to dinner with me one time. They just started dating and It was a bro night anyways.
  4. Drama #4
    Best Man vs Bridesmaid. Basically soon to be wife had this friend over and was using her to try to get to Groom.
  5. Drama # 5
    Another Groomsman vs Bride. Bride said we weren't where we said we were because of Groomsman snapchats. He said that he didn't even have Snapchat.
  6. Drama #6
    The wildcard guy.The red neck who makes really bad and inappropriate jokes. At one bar he just decided to throw his bottled beer on the ground shattering it everywhere and calmly proceeds to get a new one. Nobody else was at the bar but us! The bartenders just cleaned it up and didn't say a word because even they knew that dude was cray.
  7. Drama #7
    Bride vs mom. Groom doesn't know what to do. Mom disapproves Bride. Bride thinks groom talks too much to his wife.
  8. Drama #8
    Groom vs me. He tried to guilt trip me since I am staying one less night. At least 10 people bailed leaving only 7 of us. I stil stayed even though I have been on the road for like 3 months. Also its not cheap to do a Thurs-Sunday Bach party.
  9. Drama #9
    Groom vs me. I left my phone at table in restaurant to use restroom. Come back he ask me who is Emily? Turns out he read my text. He was like i thought it was my bride who has same name. Lol thats the last Emily you will find in my phone and not your damn business. I catch him reading my texts 2 other times this trip 😠
  10. Drama #10
    2 dudes couldn't hold their own booze and vomitted ln the bed. Living arrangements became hell.
  11. Drama #11
    This guy kept missing out on bars because he couldn't get in. Why? Cuz he kept buying cheaper drinks elsewhere and couldnt get in. Btw he is super rich and always brags about who he knows.
  12. Drama # 12 Groom vs one of the guys
    Dude was mad because he couldnt take a plus one even though he has done various favors for couple. Turns out wedding is like 250 people but 90 percent bride. So groom made cuts. I wasnt allowed a plus one either.
  13. How can this much happen between 7 dudes? The bachlorette party I attended last year was 10x more fun.