Requested by The Dude


Thanks for the request @HisDudeness! I will keep it to current players with a 3-5-2 formation.
  1. Goalie: Hassan Whiteside
    He is 6'11" with a wingspan of 7'7". He is already use to blocking shots.
  2. Right Back: JJ Watt
    A freak of nature who would be able to be the last man to go thru before the goalie.
  3. Center Back: Ryan McDonagh
    Veteran defensive back who is tough as nails and will have get the unit in order. Dude played the last 3 games of playoffs in 2015 with a broken foot.
  4. Left Back: Dustin Johnson
    He is tall and a fitness nut. His size would be great advantage on defense.
  5. Right Wing: Patrick Kane
    A natural scorer.
  6. Right Midfielder: Odell Beckham Jr
    His speed and footwork will gives defenders nightmares.
  7. Center Midfielder: Mike Trout
    The rare combo of speed and power. Team captain.
  8. Left Midfielder: Rob Gronkowski
    Speed plus power.Physical player and great for headers.
  9. Left Wing: Billy Hamilton
    Pure Speed to create space on the field.
  10. Striker: Steph Curry
    Unstoppable handles and out of the world range.
  11. Striker: Kobe Bryant
    Killer instinct and the sport he would have played if there wasn't basketball.
  12. And 3 Subs since that is the max allowed in a game.
  13. Striker: Russell Westbrook
    Instant offense off the bench. He will not be trigger shy.
  14. Defender: Brock Lesnar
    I feel like he would do really well in 15-20 mins of play on defense. Only concern would be if he would get a red card just from running into another player.
  15. Midfielder: Andrew McCutchen
    A great mid fielder coming in relief who can play all the positions.