Here you go @evak and @allisonlantagne. I finally finished it.
  1. lliza Shlesinger
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    I am bias probably because she is from Dallas and I saw her before she became big. I didn't even know how big she was gonna become at the time. Next thing you know she won Last Comic Standing and had Netflix specials.
  2. Anjelah Johnson
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    Bon qui qui and the nail salon must I say more?
  3. Tig Notaro
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    I really enjoyed her documentary as it was very moving and inspirational
  4. Amy Schumer
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    Late to her stuff,but I enjoy her humor. I think you either love or hate her.
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    She exploded into mainstream right as I was introduced to her. Her snapchats are always entertaining.
  6. Aisha Tyler
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    Found her thru watching Archer and haven't stopped loving her stuff.
  7. Chelsea Peretti
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    I love her in Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I think stand up where she really shines.
  8. Natasha Legerro
    For longest time she was that comic that I saw on many shows and couldn't quite remember her name.
  9. Shelby Fero
    Stumbled upon her while going down the Youtube rabbit hole one night and have been a fan since.
  10. Jen Kirkman
    Thanks to Netflix recommendations, I finally checked out her work.
  11. Feel free to suggest anybody else you enjoy! I am always behind on the the comic scene it seems.