My Weekend In Asheville

Thank you to all the Listers who gave me recommendations!
  1. We started our food adventures at Tupelo Honey Cafe! Thank you for the great recommendation @amieshmamie! The fried chicken salad was the way to go as the biscuit and fried chicken was too heavy for me.
  2. The biscuits and blueberry jam were so good!
  3. Neither of my friends could finish the biscuits and fried chicken.
  4. We then headed out for some afternoon golf. It was odd not seeing the sun after months in the Texas heat.
  5. We stayed at the Grove Park Inn which has been in service for over 102 years. Naturally, there is apparently a ghost that roams the inn. My friend claimed this ghost visted our room because the toliet flushed while he was watching TV. I was not in the room 😬.
  6. The place had spectacular views and I was in my happy place with a cup of joe.
  7. Apparently they host a gingerbread competition each year.
  8. We had dinner at the LAB which was another great pick by @kate81!
  9. I loved the bacon in a glass but my friends were split on it.
  10. The next day we got great weather and beautiful scenery despite the forecast suggesting 60% rain.
  11. I marked all my balls @biz. My friend thought I wrote B12 😂. All about the vitamins.
  12. That night we checked out the breweries. This was at Hi Wire. It was cool that you can walk to one after another.
  13. The rain came in a hurry and we wandered in to Ben's Tune Up without even noticing.
  14. They had some interesting flavored sakes.
  15. We tried Orange Creamsicle but none of us could finish it.
  16. We played one more round the next morning before it was time to head home.
  17. We splurged on our final meal and went to the hotel sunday brunch.
  18. The dessert choices made it worth while.
  19. I mean look at all these choices 😍!
  20. The blueberry french toast was my favorite.
  21. Asheville was a very pretty town. Comparing it to Austin is fair. I really enjoyed my time there and hope to go back another time!