Inspired by @katherinelee
  1. I am so happy @katherinelee brought this up.
  2. This is so real in the Asian communities I have grown up in.
  3. Negrophobia is more prominent with the elder generations of Asians.
  4. Blacks are seen as a step below the Asian race.
  5. Some of this stems from the generalizations that far too many Black men sleep around with multiple womens resulting in kids with several women. Or African Americans have been linked to crime and drugs thanks to the media.
  6. I remember growing up and being told by my aunt to hold her hand because a Black dude was walking toward us and that was deemed dangerous. Also, how often do you see a Asian guy or girl in a relationship with someone who is Black?
  7. It is so rare because many Asian females are taught that Black men are scary. On the other side Black girls and Asian men are the most undesirable according to online dating. Black women are seen as strong and Asian men are weak.
  8. We are all in this together regardless of race. I just don't want to pretend that Blacks are not judged by Asians. It sadly still happens everyday. I am happy that I grew up in a family that didn't see color. My parents and sibilings will not judge me on who I date or marry based on skin color.
  9. At the same time, I do know that there is a hierarchy in some Asians eyes. I know if I marry a Chinese or white girl, I will be seen in a better light than marrying a Black, Indian, or Korean girl in some of my relatives eyes.
  10. This is wrong in everyway.
  11. I just hope that everyone in the Asian communities will soon realize how fucked up this is.