F*ck Trees
  1. This is the most festive tree as it has multiple colors. Its multiple colors do its best to hide how hideous it looks.
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  2. The most centrally located tree at the restaurant. Therefore I am assuming its the star of the show.
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  3. Its good to have some diversity especially some bamboo trees I suppose
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  4. This would be number one if it was after Thanksgiving.Maybe its been here since last Christmas.
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  5. This tree is VIP only as its roped off for family and workers only
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  6. I wanted to like this tree but I was seated directly below it. I felt cramped and there is always the fear of someone knocking the tree into you
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  7. This tree was tucked in behind the wall on your way to the bathroom. Its like they don't want you to see it. What are they hiding? Oh yea food poisoning!
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  8. Here is the restaurant
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  9. Lesson learned: Don't go to restaurants filled with trees unless its the Rainforest Cafe