1. Of course it doesn't even happen in a real game.
  2. The stage is Universal Studios Orlando.
  3. My friends convince me to do the baskeball shooting game.
  4. You get 3 shots at winning a giant stuff animal.
  5. 1st shot is a brick.
  6. 2nd shot another brick.
  7. On to the 3rd shot which can only be described by my friend who witnessed it.
  8. "This 3rd shot is where a legend was born. The shot begins like any other, but the physics tell you it will not be going in. Then, something unexpected happens. The ball takes a bounce that defies physics. It somehow negates all forward and backward momentum,but bounces high and to the right."
  9. "As if to defy any logic in this strong American theme park, the basketball goes into the basket right of the orginal target without hitting any part of the rim."
  10. The no fun worker told me it did not count.
  11. But I told him that there are no rules specifying which basket I had to make.
  12. So he threw me this guy and we are still in ❤️ today