1. I had to go to the market and return milk jugs.
  2. You get $1 Hk for each
  3. Go to the information desk and am told they don't do it anymore so I have to go to the cashier instead.
  4. I end up waiting in line forever. Once I get there, the cashier freaks out and tells me they arent clean enough?!
  5. I think she just didn't want to do it because she had already said can I take the next customer instead.
  6. So here I am washing milk jugs in the mall bathroom looking like a psycho.
  7. Worst of all, its one of those automatic water sinks so it doesn't ever get enough water. It fills up like a 1/5th each time.
  8. I walk back into the market and stand in cashier line again.
  9. This time the girl just looks at the bag and gives me $5.🙏
  10. Seriously how hard was it really?