And then there were 4.
  1. 9 awesome lists entered but only 4 List Appers walked away one step closer to the championship. All 7 judges ranked the lists from 1-9. The best list was given 9 points while the worst got only 1 point.
  2. Lets take a look at the final scores:
  3. @meg1 28 points
    One judge had you with the best list but nobody else had your list better than 5th. Judge 3 had your list as her favorite.
  4. @estherlimtf 30 points
    The downfall was not getting any votes higher than 3. All the big points went to other lists.
  5. @chriscady 31 points
    Apparently the most polarizing list. 3 judges put you in the top 3 but 3 other judges put your list last.
  6. @BWN_7 34 points
    Another all or nothing list. 2 votes for top list and a second but 2 votes for last and a second to last. What it means is that you are left on the outside looking in. Judge 2 and 4 had you as their favorite list.
  7. @LeahG 36 points
    Left wondering what could have been! One more point and we would have had to have a tiebreaker. The judge you hitched your wagon to ended up placing you right in the middle of her rankings. Your list was judge 1's favorite.
  8. @kcupcaker 37 points
    Judge 5 had your list as his favorite. It was close but you were able to push thru in the end to secure the final spot!
  9. @Lisa_Fav 38 points
    Judge 6 gave you top honors for the round! And it was exactly what you needed to move from a tie for 6th to 3rd! Judge 4 also found your list funny. They were your biggest fans.
  10. @stevecady 38 points
    Your list was Judge 7's favorite. The fact that your list never did worst than 7th got you to the next round.
  11. @hpryfogle 43 points
    You had the top score for the round even though you did not receive a vote for top list!
  12. Congratulations to @hpryfogle @stevecady @Lisa_Fav and @kcupcaker! Sorry to those looking for a Cady final.
  13. It was a very close race as the judges scoring came in. The final judge vaulted @Lisa_Fav from a tied 6th into the final 4.
  14. The final 4 round will start tommorrow 4/14 and run thru 4/18.
  15. If I had any advice it would be to shock the world.
  16. Time to bring out the big guns and not play it safe with a list catering to the general consensus. Try to make it the most interesting list you can with your own unique voice. Would the final 4 contestants like more information on the judges?