1. Get ready as we have 64 teams set!
  2. Thank you for everyone who signed up!
  3. Quick review of the rules:
  4. All teams will post one list a week each round. The first round is now starting on Thursday March 17 thru March 22 with a extra day due to change of schedule. Round 2 will start March 24-March 28.
  5. Each like on a list will count for 1 point and a relist will count for 2 points. Until the final 8 which be determined by a panel of Non Listers!
  6. Don't forget to put the 🏀 emoji on the list title you want to count for each round.
  7. Good luck and get ready to list! Let me know if anyone has questions!
  8. The bracket will be shortly released.
  9. In the meantime if you want to join a real bracket, try these two created by @combatdavey and @supercommonname