Visit Cuba

  1. I was fortunate to go last summer for my birthday.
  2. It has long been known as a place where Americans have generally avoided. Mostly due to the relationship between the two countries.
  3. Europeans go to Cuba to vacation or lay out on the beach.
  4. We were able to go via people to people travel which meant it was for educational purposes. Our family was the tour group. As long as we visited cultural events everything would be kosher.
  5. The hotels were limited but we were able to stay at Hotel Saratoga. It happened to be the place Beyonce stayed at. The pool view was 💯. The internet was definitely limited and very poor reception.
  6. Che Guevara
  7. And Fidel were plastered all over the city.
  8. Everything I heard about Cuba before I went was how they were still stuck in the past.
  9. Yes, the majority of cars were still old but there was so much more to explore.
  10. They are very proud of their country as their culture is proudly displayed everywhere you look.
  11. The buildings were
  12. beautiful.
  13. Here is a badass open air book fair near the old town square.
  14. This is a chapel nearby.
  15. Here are a couple
  16. more pictures of buildings in Havana.
  17. This is a cigar factory. Our cigar tour guide makes more money selling cigars on the side to tourist than his wife who is a doctor. That is just how messed up their government is.
  18. This a inside look of workers rolling up cogars. The play music and have people read stories over the intercom to keep the employees entertained.
  19. Lets just say they were not a fan of George W Bush.
  20. There is more to Cuba than old school USA. Here is a lush forest.
  21. And they have some of the nicest beaches I have seen! This beach is about 2 hrs from Havana.
  22. Being me, I found a golf course but didn't have time to play.
  23. It was very cool to see some old school fighter planes.
  24. As well as open markets selling fresh produce.
  25. The Cubans are very proud and happy to show you their culture and heritage. This was a flamingo show we attended.
  26. Most of them however are not fan of the restrictions the government has put on them. It is very hard to make money.
  27. Things are looking better as tourism is one way they can earn more income.
  28. This was a artist's home we visited as part of our people to people obligations.
  29. The whole house looked like this.
  30. This was the rum factory. They were quick to let us know that Bacardi sold out. They are orginally from Cuba and left. The real deal is still here.
  31. The tour guide even suprised me with a birthday cake!
  32. It is a place I highly recommend to go. Especially before it becomes modernized!