1. Congrats to everyone who made it another week!
  2. Lets start with a few observations so far. 13 guys signed up and 6 remain. A useless stat for @stars 😂
  3. @lame had the easiest path to the Sweet 16 and she also happens to have the fewest points with 95
  4. @BWN_7 leads with 594 after he tagged the entire Community lol. @LeahG is second at 275 for comparison.
  5. 7 of the 16 people have under 188 pts.
  6. @HisDudeness was right as the midwest has been the group of Death. You can find 3 of the top 4 in points in this bracket.
  7. @shacara_shacara had the closest match in round 2 as she beat @welchcommaemma by 2 pts.
  8. 2 "top seeds are out" as @biz disappeared and @estherlimtf was upsetted
  9. On to the brackets! Lets start with the Midwest 1st!
  10. Static
    Brett vs Brett!
  11. Static
  12. West Region
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. South Region
  16. Static
  17. Static
  18. East Region
  19. Static
  20. Static
  21. Just a reminder the rules are the same as rd 2. This will be the final round for voting before a panel will decide. The Sweet 16 starts on March 31 and end on April 4. Next week the judges will pick the 4 lists they liked the most to advance to the final 4.
  22. Also, do the contestants want the judges to be revealed beforehand or after ? Like I make a list with a picture of them and maybe something about them.
  23. 🚨Lastly, a bonus to anyone who participated in March Madness but has been knocked out🚨
    Here is your chance to get back in like Top Chef. One person will be chosen by the panel based on a list made about the following topic: What is something you would do if there were no consequences? and tag me in it. Contest ends April 2. And winner announced by April 5.
  24. Good luck and see you in the final 9!