Dare I say Legendary?
  1. 13 rushes for 100 yards and a td tonight. Just another week in the life of Devonta
  2. Along with 8 catches 56 yards and a td
  3. 9 tds in 4 NFL starts
  4. At least 25 fantasy points in first 4 NFL starts which only 5 others have done this century
  5. On pace for 360 fantasy points this season
  6. Laveon Bell had 8 tds in 290 carries last year. Freeman has 9 in 85 carries
  7. More tds from Devonta Freeman than Broncos entire offense
  8. More tds from Devonta Freeman than Seahawks offense
  9. He is completing his college degree during this season
  10. Devonta probably scored another TD in the time it took you to read this