1. This morning the guy in the middle seat of my row on the flight kept twitching in his sleep. As a result, his arm would fall off the armrest and onto my lap. Traumatized.
  2. Being groped on the subway 😡😝😡
    Suggested by @jannychan
  3. One time, on a full bus, a grown man told me to come and sit on his knee. I was in my school uniform 😷🙅
    Suggested by @alexim
  4. When on the London tube, always hold tight if not sitting.
    Standing between 2 guys. Train jerks I lose my footing basically fall on man 1 then while trying to steady myself train jerks again and I fall on man 2. Lady sitting in front of me totally judged me like I'm was some coy gropey girl. 😳
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  5. Two come to mind. One was sad & one annoying.
    1.Sadly, homeless guy who smelled of urine sat next to me. I had to get up or would have barfed. 2. On a flight from Atlanta to SFO (5 hours), the guy sitting behind me sneezed without covering his mouth during takeoff. He got my neck wet & I had to get up and get into the bathroom to wipe off my neck. The flight attendant yelled at me to return to my seat. When I explained what happened, she gave my some hand sanitizer to help kill bacteria.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose