Awkward/terrible moments

  1. When you take a dump and there's no toilet paper.
  2. When you address a woman as sir and a man as ma'am. Especially if they are in authority of you.
  3. Witnessing awkward PDA at lunch from across the room.
  4. Answering someone's question in a conversation you're not in but were totally ease dropping on either by mistake or on purpose.
  5. Asking someone how their significant other is doing after they just broke up and you had no clue.
  6. Getting your card declined at McDonalds.
  7. Walking in on someone using a single restroom.
  8. Getting walked in on by someone while using a single restroom.
  9. Saying a "your mom joke" to someone who's mother is dead.
  10. Saying something you think is really funny in your head but out loud it's really offensive or not that funny at all.
  11. Everything about middle school dances.
  12. When you fart in front of your significant other's family real loud
  13. When you zone out staring at someone
  14. When you start choking on food around people in a public place and have to throw up
  15. When you start talking about someone and you realize that they're close enough to hear everything you just said
  16. When you're gonna kiss someone and you completely miss their mouth
  17. When you're singing to a song on the radio really loud with others and you get the words wrong when it's your turn to solo
  18. When your with your significant other's parents watching a movie and a sex scene comes on
  19. When you're having a very serious conversation with someone and then the waiter walks up to refill drinks
  20. When you get a NARB in class and the teacher/professor calls you up to the front of the class to speak infront of everybody
  21. When you make fun of someone and then find out that they are handicapped
  22. When you lock eyes with someone during a prayer and both immediately feel ashamed that you are opening your eyes during prayer
  23. When your great aunt tries to se you up with someone right in front of your significant other.
  24. When you go to take a shower at a place anywhere but your own home and you forget a towel