Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. In heaven, will we have a butt hole?
  2. In heaven, will we have a belly button?
  3. How is Joakim Noah a professional basketball player?
  4. Quesadillas are just the Mexican version of grilled cheese
  5. Why do we park in the drive way but drive in the parkway?
  6. Baby cows are just like giant dogs
  7. Have you ever thought about the first birthday cake with candles? Someone was probably like here let's put these flame sticks in this and someone was like no don't do that and blew them out and everyone said happy birthday. Idk.
  8. Cops are the sharks of the interstate
  9. Busses and semi's are the whales of the interstate
  10. Is it wrong to make a chicken omelette? Like you're basically cooking a mother in it's babies
  11. Imagine what the first fart was like
  12. The idea of marriage is weird. We just see a bunch of people and say "that one, out of all these people that's the one I want to spend my entire life with." And we do that. It's odd yet beautiful in a way.