you could call these minor annoyances... @stephen @samclaney
  1. spilling coffee on my jeans.
    would people pay for pre coffee-stained jeans? if so, hmu.
  2. knocking my phone out of my own hands.
    i'm not sure how the physics of this works out, but it happens daily.
  3. staying up late to read more lists.
    seriously, my eyes and tired body are suffering, and i can't stop.
  4. getting on the 101 south when i need to go north, and vice versa.
    you'd think after a few years i would have learned. nope.
  5. honking at people in other vehicles.
    try as i might, i can't let other drivers be oblivious without consequences.
  6. putting off making new lists.
    taking a small step towards progress with each list.