A comedic ghost.
  1. Im the type of ghost that doesn't believe in the afterlife, so I'll appear in the tv and when the humans scream, I'll be like, "hey so umm, what's the wifi password..."
  2. I'll be in every sequel to paranormal activity so when the humans yell "There's a ghost in my house!" I can be like: "no shiiiit"
  3. I'll just be there when they spill the salt so I can push them off of their seat.
  4. I would lock all the bathroom doors from the inside.
  5. I would slightly move someone's keys so that they thing they are going crazy.
  6. I would sneak up to someone's window and pretend to be the ghostly shopping list from spongebob.
  7. I would shake-up someone's soda right before they open it.
  8. I would haunt mcdonalds all day: hell, happy meals, ball pits, whatever you want!