1. Stop making up issues.
    Trump isn't going to reverse anyone's rights.
  2. Sit the fuck down
    You're dramatic
  3. Did you post a pic to instagram?
    If you didn't then it doesn't count as protesting
  4. You can't always get what you want.
    Rolling Stones. Listen to it.
  5. You're all sore losers.
    The worst kind of loser.
  6. I didn't want Obama to be president.
    I accepted it like you should be doing.
  7. Your hipster army isn't going to do shit.
    Hipster armies are easily defeated. We will spray you with gluten and or throw non organic things at you.
  8. If your that upset lock yourself in a room and blare some Adele.
  9. Drink a ducking beer. Have some wine.
    Remain calm.