Finnish people keep small talk to a minimum, yet I still find ways to make a fool of myself while trying to speak Finnish
  1. In the supermarket checkout lane
  2. At my thankless restaurant job
  3. At countless cafes while ordering overpriced lattes
  4. In front of Finnish "celebrities"
  5. On a number of Tinder dates
  6. In front of a small group of children at a museum
  7. When meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time
  8. Going through airport security
  9. While shopping for new jeans
  10. On stage in front of hundreds of intoxicated Finns on a ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm
  11. When approached by those ruthless Greenpeace people who try to talk to you while you're walking with headphones in
  12. On the phone with a woman from my building's maintenance company
  13. When interacting with various dogs
  14. While being interviewed for a student newspaper
  15. Basically every day since I moved here two years ago.